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New and Improved: DBIx-NoSQL-Store-Manager

January 4th, 2018

New and Improved: DBIx-NoSQL-Store-Manager

A few years ago, I wanted some quick, no fuss way to serialize and persist data encapsulated as Moose objects -- a MooSQL database, if you will. In my research, I discovered and bolted my own on top of it.

A few seconds ago, a new release of that latter module has been punted to CPAN. This update adds relationships between those objects. Now, I'm very conscious that I'm slowly creeping toward , but I think (well, whimsically hope) that I managed to balance dwim comfort and dark sorcery.

This being said, let's an example speak for itself.

The store itself

First up, the main Blog store class. That part is wonderfully boring.

The blog entry

Next we create the class that represents blog entries.

The authors

We also need an Author class. Let's make it minimalistic: a name and an optional bio.

The tags

Same deal with the tags. We want to be able to have the same tag associated with different blog entries, so we set the store key to be based on both the tag and the blog's id, and we index on those two values.

Using it

Setting the store is dead easy. Yes, even if the database didn't previously exist. Love you, sqlite. Always did, always will.


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